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🔘 Nicsson is a highly sought-after real estate advisor and director with more than 20 years proven success in marketing. A powerful negotiator, he makes it his priority to safeguard the interests of all his exclusive clients in maximizing their returns of investments. As a keen trend-spotter, he is always up-to-date and extremely insightful, enabling him to assist many property owners and investors in future-proofing their assets, earning their trust and professional references.

🔘 Many clients find engaging Nicsson to be naturally reassuring, as he is able to fully appreciate the different motivations and concerns of different property owners and buyers before recommending the most appropriate solution to serve their needs. He has also personally been through the entire cycle of property purchase, ownership, investment, leasing, renting and sales of his own portfolio, thus have a deeper understanding of the market.

🔘 What differentiates Nicsson from others is his genuine “fit-for-purpose” and “client-partnering” focused-approach. A true practitioner of professional integrity, he does not take initial directions to buy/ sell/ rent blindly, he will evaluate and always provide you with unbiased fact-based rationale and guide your focus towards achieving a “best-fit” solution for your specific requirements, for the lifetime of your property assets.

🔘 He is well placed from CONSECUTIVE YEARS #1 CHAMPION PREEMINENT GROUP IN ERA, to assist you in:
✅ Result-based Marketing of your property for Sale / Lease.
✅ Choosing the “Best-Fit-For-Purpose” property for your Purchase/ Rent.

🔘 His services cover you through the whole process and throughout the lifetime of your property assets. When you work with Nicsson exclusively, you are also leveraging on his immediate group of more than 2000 highly collaborative property agents in Singapore.

🔘 As an added advantage, Nicsson also brings with him demonstrated specialization in integrated marketing, multi-media advertising and creating compelling propositions from Top Global and Local brands, so you can be assured of a holistic and comprehensive solutions when you engage him.

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